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Product name: cyclohexanone
Information on ingredients , Assay, Uses:
CAS No.: 108-94-1
Specification: ≥99.5%
Noxious substance : Cyclohexanone
Uses: main intermediate that is used in the manufacture of nylon, caprolactam and adipic acid; also used as important industrial solvent, such as used in paint, especially for paints containing Nitration fiber, vinyl chloride polymers and their copolymers, and polymers of methacrylate; Can also be used to oranophosphorous insecticide and excellent solvent of pesticides.
Physicochemical properties:


colorless or light yellow transparent liquid, with acetone and irritative smell.

Melting point (℃):


Relative density(water=1):


Boiling point(℃):


Relative vapor density(air=1):


Molecular formula :


Molecular weight:


Main ingredients:

Assay: Top grade≥99.5%; Qualified product≥99.0%.

Storage and transportation:
Kept in cool and ventilating place, away from first and heat. The temperature should be less than 30℃. Sealed tightly, no mixed with oxidants and reductants. Used explosion-proof facilities and do use any tools and equipment may produce sparkles. There are leakage tools in warehouse for emergency. There are leakage tools and fire fighting equipment for transportation. no mixed with oxidants, food chemicals and reductants. Avoid insolation, rain and high temperature. If stop, far away from fire, heat and high temperature region. Used explosion-proof facilities and do use any tools and equipment may produce sparkles.


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