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Chemical Name: 2,3-Dichloropropylene
Molar Mass:112
Molecular Formula:C3H4Cl2
Chemical Structure:CH2=CHCLCH2CL
Physicochemical Property:
Appearance:colorless or straw yellow liquid
Boiling Point:93.5°C
Relative Density:1.22
Refractive Index:d20 1.4582
Use:this product is the intermediate for producing the plant growth regulator
Toxicity and Protection:may stimulate the eye and the mucous membrane, and cause the dermatitis; the high concentration has the inhibitory action to the central nervous system. Also harmful to the liver and the kidney.
Packing, Storage and Transportation:pack into the plastic iron drum or the iron drum, 250kg per drum. When store and transport, should put to a cool and ventilating place and far away from the fire source. According to the storage and transportation stipulation of the flammable chemicals.


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