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Structural Formula:CH2CLCHCLCH2CL
Molecular Formula:C3H5Cl3
Physicochemical Property:colorless inflammable liquid. Slightly soluble in water, can dissolve the oil, the fat, the wax, the chlorinated rubber and most of the resins. Relative Density(d204):1.3889; fnp:-14.7°C; Boiling Point:156.8°C; Refractive Index(21°C):1.4852; Flashing Point(open):82.2°C; Spontaneous Ignition Point:304.4°C
Quality Standard:

Index name
Index name
colorless or straw yellow transparent liquid
Boiling Point,°C
Relative Density(d204)

Use:Mainly uses for producing the 2,3- dichloropropylene, also is a kind of good solvent. Also may use as the agricultural chemicals' cycocel or the raw material of the #1 avadex.
Toxicity and Protection:its vapor has anaesthesia effect,may damage the internal organs, such as the heart, the liver, the kidney and so on. The operator should wear the shielded mouth mask.The highest permissible concentration in the air is 150mg/m3.
Packing, Storage and Transportation:pack into the plastic drum or the iron drum, 250kg per drum. When store and transport, should put to a cool and ventilating place and far away from the fire source. According to the storage and transportation stipulation of the flammable chemicals.


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